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Real Estate Data Management

Descriptive and spatial real estate management system (Real Estate Management System, REMS): A tool so that every organization or business can have, at any given moment, complete knowledge of its properties and every parameter affecting them, and build on it all management and utilization processes.

The REMS system of VELTION Ltd. provides owners or real estate administrators (especially those with an adequate number of properties) the possibility of collecting and registering all information and documents (titles, surveying, etc.) relating to the property, the systematic organization of all data in a functional manner and saving them in a compatible format with the requirements of the Hellenic Cadastre, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Rural Development so that the D1, D2, E9 and Integrated Administration & Control System (IACS) declarations are automatically issued. At the same time, the property can be automatically detected in digital maps (e.g. Google), where the digital topography can be captured. Additionally the system provides a set of management capabilities, such as deadline reminder for claims and liabilities (e.g. loan installment payments or rent collection, maintenance or equipment replacement, etc.), registration and management of technical, urban planning, economic and developmental data, appeal handling and other legal actions, etc. as well as the ability to configure and issue reports according to customer needs.

VELTION Ltd’s services can cover the full range of customer needs, from simple registration to the systematic management and addressing specific requirements ─ especially utilized by owners with a large number of properties─ with variable status such as banks, local authorities, utility companies, Social Security authorities.