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Project Management Services and Programs

VELTION Ltd. recognizes the lack of effective management of projects and programs as a major element in the pathogenesis of economy, and by having executives of proven experience in the field supports the owners or implementing bodies of projects and programs throughout their lifecycle, from conception until completion, providing:

  • Complete services design for time / financial planning facilitation of maturity projects and programs, including feasibility and environmental impact studies, handling of licensing procedures and approvals required
  • Integrated Management Services of projects and programs implementation, including those for tendering, contract management, resource management, control and receipt.
  • Design services and administration funded projects and public / private partnerships (PPPs)
  • Independent Engineer and Lenders Technical Assistance (LTA) for PPP projects
  • Services, systems and applications evaluation (ex-ante, on-going, ex-post) interventions, programs and projects
  • Technical Support to the managing bodies and implementing projects and programs integrated and funded by the Community Support Frameworks (NSRF, Initiatives)
  • Risk Management Services, Crisis and Emergency Relief in Projects and Programs
  • Impact Assessments (economic, environmental, social, etc.)