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Developmental Services, Environmental and Energy Planning

Supporting the restructuring and developmental effort of the State (at a central and regional level), the local and regional communities, organizations and is the objective of VELTION Ltd.’s services, which are organized to carry accumulated experience and practice tests from the external environment in targeting specific bodies. In this context, specialized services in the environmental and energy sectors are developed, by dynamically monitoring developments combined with the market trends. Within VELTION Ltd.’s developing and restructuring services are:

  • Development Planning Sectoral, Regional / Local, Business, etc.) at all levels (Strategic, Political, Implementations and Interventions)
  • Support Services to the Central, Regional and Local Government as well as to the public organizations on restructuring and reorganizing their operations
  • Support services for the adaptation and implementation of European Community policies and regulations
  • Support services to organizations and enterprises for ripening and implementation of their development plans
  • Support services to organizations and enterprises for the use of financial tools provided by the EU, the European Investment Bank, World Bank, EBRD and other financial institutions
  • Services to introduce new technologies, methods and systems
  • Environmental Planning
  • Designing and implementing best practices in managing urban (solid and liquid) and industrial / hazardous waste.
  • Support Services for Emissions Management
  • Energy Planning
  • Designing, licensing, financing, installation and operation of power plants, especially photovoltaic as well as the provision of turn-key solutions