Alexandras Av. 13 & Katsantoni 1, 11473, Athens


The most important “assets” of VELTION Ltd., which positively differentiate it within the industry, is the know how and its executives. More specifically, it is the know how that is the basic component of the high level scientific knowledge and experience of its founders and executives and it refers to:

  • The complete knowledge of both the internal and external business environment and its developments that are continuously reshaping it. This knowledge has as a result the immediate focus on the critical issues and the effectiveness of its services.
  • The knowledge of the operations of the public sector, especially those that affect the entrepreneurial activity at a central and regional level, with a focus on financing and licensing.
  • The long term involvement with all aspects of the Management Systems of the Community Frameworks and other Interventions financed by the EU Structural Funds.
  • The in-depth knowledge of the operations, mechanisms and processes of the General Directorates and the EU Structural Funds with regards to developmental and restructuring interventions and programs and the regulations that govern them.
  • The relevant knowledge of International Financial Institutions (EIB, World Bank, EBRD, etc.)
  • The ability to provide comprehensive services on design, licensing, financing, construction and operation of RES.
  • The substantial knowledge and experience of the overall framework (technical, legal, financial, operational) of real estate management and its rights, so as to maximize the owners’ benefits.
  • The knowledge and more specifically the application experience of the modern methods and tools of planning, management and control of Projects, including Public – Private Partnership (PPP) projects.
  • The knowledge and, especially, the experience in effectively implementing modern methods, tools and practices of process and business-organization reorganization.

All VELTION  Ltd. executives, besides their high-level academic knowledge, have an, already, long and successful professional presence in the field of consulting services as well as that of  business, program and project management in a wide range of areas.

It is noteworthy to mention that the company maintains and develops collaborations with a number of external associates of various specialties and skills, according to the project requirements.

VELTION Ltd. is also working with well respected services providing companies, that supply expert associates with knowledge on technical, financial, legal, communications, etc. in Greece and internationally, so as to address in the most efficient and complete manner all issues raised.